Residential Care Home

Thornsbeach Court

Who we are

Thornsbeach Court
Thornsbeach Court provides 24-hour specialist care and treatment for Service Users with complex and enduring mental health needs, often with a forensic history. We support residents to develop their skills for safe and independent living, increase their self-confidence and make a positive contribution to the community.

We want the best for people in our care and we place great importance on outcomes and quality of life. We look at what can be achieved for each person, their abilities, interests and needs. We work within a positive environment to encourage confidence, bring structure, inclusion and opportunity in their lives.

Our services
• 7 bedrooms including one en-suite that allow a progression and step-by-step approach towards independence
• 1 sitting room with dining area, kitchen plus an activities room.
• Intensive, individualised programmes of recovery to enable people with complex mental health needs to gain the skills for independence
• A large garden that is safe and private with other open spaces and surroundings
• Our aim is to make the transition from group living in restricted environments to, where possible, managing their own tenancy in the community
• Fully wheelchair accessible.

Although Thornsbeach Court has outstanding facilities, Professionals and regulator believe it’s how we care and our unique setting that sets us apart from other homes. Dignity, Encouraging choice, promoting Independence, Involving Family and Friends, are part of the fabric of the home and these values are echoed in report and recommendations received.

What we do

Whether you are using our services for the first time to see whether it suits you or preparing to stay with us for a while, we believe having support in place can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing.

Thornsbeach Court is a part of a multicultural community with rich history of community engagement surrounding with well a maintained garden and offers 7 bedrooms, each room being fully furnished.

The service has large communal areas including a large kitchen and a dining room to enjoy meals and socialise. There is a fully-equipped laundry room.

Our service is family inclusive and encourage service users and their families to interact in a safe environment. Families, Next of kin and legal representatives are given 24hrs access and are involved in the care and treatment of our service users whiles observing best interest, choice and dignity.

Our staff are friendly and work with empathy in an holistic approach to ensure safe care and treatment is delivered to meet agreed outcomes and adapt to our service users changing needs.

At Thornsbeach Court we have an open door policy that encourage service users, families, legal representatives, staffs, and MDTs (multidisciplinary team) to raised concerns to the service manager who will address such concerns in a timely and appropriate manner with the best outcomes.

Please note, Thornsbeach Court does not allow smoking or the consumption of alcohol within the building at any time, unless this is prescribed as part of a care plan.

How we do it

At Thornsbeach Court, we provide a safe, nurturing and homely environment for residents. The service is also within close range of the train station and direct bus routes into London. The service is flexible to arrange private transport if needed.

We offer winter activities such as; board games, gym, visits to local social clubs, music therapy, etc..
summer outdoor activities such as; BBQs, Picnics, trips to gardens or farms, music festivals, boat rides, carnivals and many more.

Within our local community we work closely with barbers, clothes shops, chiropodists, dentists and opticians to deliver personalised person-centred service, which are all within easy walking distance of our service. Support is also provided for residents to apply for and take up voluntary or paid work, which can significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

Our staff are fully trained in substance misuse and will assist anyone with an addiction problem.

All residents are encouraged to register with the local GP surgery
One-to-one keyworker sessions on a minimum of a two hours on a daily basis
All residents will have a contract of agreement for living at Thornsbeach Court